A Carbon Neutral Future of Delivery
Goods offers sustainable delivery from local stores and warehouses using eco-friendly transportation.
Thinking sustainability in everything we do
Shorter distances
We leverage nearby stores and warehouses to drastically reduce transit distances from thousands of miles down to just a few.
Emissionless vehicles
With bikes and electric vehicles as the backbone of our fleet, we make significant progress in reducing transport emissions.
Carbon offsets
We balance out any emissions by backing carefully vetted carbon offset projects, maximizing our positive environmental impact.
CO2e Savings
The calculation behind our assessment of positive impact:
*Based on a Ford Transit (14 MPG), a vehicle commonly used by UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon, and DHL.
**Assuming an average of 40 parcels per vehicle.
"Carbon neutral delivery is the future"
At GANNI, we believe it's our responsibility to make small choices every day to make a bigger impact. Partnering with Goods has been instrumental in aligning our brand values with our delivery services, and their commitment to carbon neutral deliveries aligns with our goal of a 50% absolute carbon reduction by 2027 and our vision of a fashion industry of the future. Goods deliver the fast, customer-centric, and responsible delivery experience we envisioned.
Marthe Blomhoff, GANNI
Head of Global Omnichannel Operations
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