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Our brands include
Revolutionary lifestyle brand with stylish, vintage-inspired designs and sustainable practices.
Beloved Brazilian contemporary brand celebrated for its vibrant and tropical-inspired clothing.
Scandi fashion brand known for its contemporary, playful, and sustainable clothing.
Timeless, not trendy, clothing brand founded by seasoned fashion leaders in NYC.
NYC-based brand designing a wardrobe of luxurious, chic, and timeless pieces.
Brazilian advanced contemporary brand, blending craftsmanship with modern, fresh designs.
Provocative lingerie and ready-to-wear brand synonymous with luxury and sensuality.
Urban menswear label blending classic American style with modern sensibilities.
An elevated denim-driven brand juxtaposing edgy aesthetics with a rebellious spirit.
Why brands choose Goods
Easily integrate with our API or apps for Shopify, Salesforce, NewStore, and more.
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Make the shift to sustainable logistics with 100% carbon neutral deliveries.
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Unlock the full potential of Goods with insights from our team of fashion ecommerce experts.
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"Carbon neutral delivery is the future"
At GANNI, we believe it's our responsibility to make small choices every day to make a bigger impact. Partnering with Goods has been instrumental in aligning our brand values with our delivery services, and their commitment to carbon neutral deliveries aligns with our goal of a 50% absolute carbon reduction by 2027 and our vision of a fashion industry of the future. Goods deliver the fast, customer-centric, and responsible delivery experience we envisioned.
Marthe Blomhoff, GANNI
Head of Global Omnichannel Operations
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