Local Same-Day Delivery for Ecommerce
Increase customer satisfaction with ultrafast delivery from local stores and warehouses — 100% carbon neutral and for less than ground shipping costs.
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Add Goods to your checkout for unparalleled delivery speed and satisfy all the customers, who won't wait 5-7 days.
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Upgrade to Goods and replace ground shipping with a 5-star delivery experience — for less than the cost of ground.
Top-tier delivery experience
Experience real-time tracking, precise ETAs, and live support — a seamless customer experience from store to door.
Drive loyalty with return pickups
No box, no label, no hassle. Enable return pickups directly from your customers' doorsteps and become their favorite brand.
We're delivering a sustainable future
All our deliveries are 100% carbon neutral.
"Carbon neutral delivery is the future"
At GANNI, we believe it's our responsibility to make small choices every day to make a bigger impact. Partnering with Goods has been instrumental in aligning our brand values with our delivery services, and their commitment to carbon neutral deliveries aligns with our goal of a 50% absolute carbon reduction by 2027 and our vision of a fashion industry of the future. Goods deliver the fast, customer-centric, and responsible delivery experience we envisioned.
Marthe Blomhoff, GANNI
Head of Global Omnichannel Operations
National expansion
Goods is strategically expanding into key metropolitan areas to reach consumer groups important for our brand partners' growth.
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Experience the power of same-day delivery
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