Delivery as a Growth Driver
Accelerate your ecommerce business with a sustainable delivery experience built for today's online shoppers.
Leveraging local inventory
Leverage your store inventory and deliver online orders same-day to local customers.
Activate retail staff
Effective inventory utilization
Omnichannel perfected
Utilize your warehouse locations and deliver online orders same-day to local customers.
No workflow changes
Flexible pickup times
Bergen Logistics partner
Win customers with same-day delivery
Add Goods to your checkout for unparalleled delivery speed and satisfy all the customers, who won't wait 5-7 days.
Order now, get it tonight
Promote CO2e savings
Make same-day the new standard
Upgrade to Goods and replace ground shipping with a 5-star delivery experience — for less than the cost of ground.
Reduce shipping costs
Flat fee, no hidden fees
Top-tier delivery experience
Experience real-time tracking, precise ETAs, and live support — a seamless customer experience from store to door.
Real-time updates
Superb customer reviews
Drive loyalty with return pickups
No box, no label, no hassle. Enable return pickups directly from your customers' doorsteps and become their favorite brand.
Increase retention rates
Get inventory back faster
Delivering for forward-thinking fashion brands
Brand Dashboard
Manage deliveries, track live updates, generate labels, and explore full order history — a delivery experience tailored to meet today's demands.
A superior delivery experience
On-Time Delivery
2 min
Avg. Response Time
Carbon Neutral
Customer Satisfaction
Experience the power of same-day delivery
Drive revenue growth, reduce shipping costs, and build customer loyalty.